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10/14/2016  Jody H Said: 

"I can not say enough positive things about this office. Friendly, professional and with a family atmosphere. Office is very clean and staff are simply great. I will recommend family and friends!  Great Job Genie Dental!"

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11/20/2017 Roberto C. said:

"I have been coming to Dr. Dong and Tracy for about two years now and recently finished an Invisalign treatment. The have both treated me with the outmost professionalism, but even better, are as friendly as can be!

I've received cavity fills, deep cleanings, and now an Invisalign treatment. Dr. Dong has taken his time and has maintained extremely high quality for all his work. For the Invisalign treatment specifically, Dr. Dong and Tracy made sure I was aware of all the best practices of the treatment, which I believe contributed to the fast timeline (only 18 months) and great results. One thing that I was not expecting was that my bite would be fixed, not just aesthetic alignment. I can now eat and chew with a lot less discomfort. I highly recommend Genie Dental."

06/06/2018 Angela M. said:

"Just had my first crown done... they did amazing and made the process super easy. They are super friendly and go above and beyond.  Really happy with our new dentist."


05/10/2015 Maddie B. said:

"Really clean and beautiful office. Dr Dong and his team really make an effort to make you feel welcome and relaxed here. He was very gentle in cleaning my teeth. I also love the fact that he was not pushy even though the other dentist adviced me to go for gum surgery. Highly recommended!"


01/02/2015 Angelilc L. said:

"I decided to try out Genie Dental recently after seeing how new and clean the office was. I was long overdue for a teeth cleaning since I haven't had dental insurance in a while, so the doctor suggested I do a deep cleaning. Of course, I eventually found out I needed some fillings too. What I really appreciated was that even though I had a new cavity, the doctor was not pushy in trying to get me to fill it. Instead, he suggested we wait to see how it progresses after a proper cleaning and regular flossing because he didn't want to drill for such a small cavity if there was a chance the cavity could heal itself.

We ended up going with the deep cleaning and a filling to replace one that had fallen out. The doctor was really good about checking up on my comfort level throughout the process, which was great because deep cleanings can get pretty uncomfortable at times.

I also noticed that the doctor provides Invisalign treatment as well, which I had been contemplating on getting for a while. I loved the idea of having a one-stop shop, so I asked the doctor for a consultation. He was very honest about the pros and cons of Invisalign to make sure I understood what issues it would address. He even said we could do various combinations of Invisalign with veneers or bonding, which I never even considered prior to coming here. I really liked how thorough the doctor was in explaining to me all of my options and that he had so many different skill sets for various kinds of dental work, so I'll definitely be coming back for Invisalign in the near future!

If you're looking for a new dentist, I would highly recommend trying out Genie Dental!"


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10/08/2015 Calvin L. said:

"Going to a dentist is a very personal experience.  I think each person looks for something different, but for me, I want my dentist to be knowledgeable and experienced, be an educator, and just as importantly, is someone with whom I can get along.  

Dr. Dong hits all of the above.  He took the time to explain to me what we were looking at in the x-rays, he offered suggestions and preventative measures to adequately protect my teeth and gums, and all this without selling anything I didn't need.  And when we were done, he, Tracy, and I  proceeded to chat about our families and lives.  It was a warming experience.    

I've heard of dentists who pray on their patients, but I'm sure those are the outliers.  There are also many others who probably do a good, or even great job, I'm sure.  Dr. Dong separates himself by being the kind of dentist you would be to your own family and friends.  This practice, because of its people, is a gem.  Now all I need to do is find a primary care physician like Dr. Dong and I'll be set..."


08/07/2017 Justin T. Said:

"I've been going to Genie Dental for over a year, and I can say that I feel grateful that my family has chosen Dr. Dong and Tracy for our dental needs. They are kind with their patients, professional in their work, and transparent with their explanations, qualities that any great dental office should possess.

One of the most outstanding qualities about Genie Dental is the amount of care they put into their work. I never feel like Dr. Dong is rushing the work; for teeth cleaning sessions, he makes sure to take the extra time to really clean in-between the teeth and gums.

Dr. Dong and Tracy also make sure I'm well informed of all my options in regards to taking care of my teeth and the various treatments I could take. Prior to my wisdom teeth extraction, I felt very uncertain about the extraction, however, Dr. Dong and Tracy reassured me about the process. The extraction went according to plan, and I was very thankful that they were able to explain the healing process and treatment thoroughly so that I knew what to expect following the extraction.

All in all, there's no faults I can really find at Genie Dental. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a new dentist!"


08/25/2016 Forensui S. Said: 

"Genie Dental just recently open here close to our place and my husband keep telling me we should go to this clinic, and I was like "oh ok " I really don't like going to the dentist.. On our first meeting with Dr. Duong and Tracy they are really warm and accommodating explaining to us the process and each and every detail that will help us to understand everything about the insurance and how to have a healthier and better teeth.. I feel at home with this team!
**Very professional and the service is super great!!
 So shout out to you Dr. Duong and Tracy!!"


01/02/2015 Anthony P. said:

"Everything was very nice and new! My dentist was also very nice and easy to talk to."


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03/14/18 Steven V. said:

"Never knew these dental place exist anymore. Dr.Dong and Tracy are super friendly and professional. 
I been avoiding to visit the dentist for years until my co-worker told me about Genie Dental. 
Very easy to make an appointment. My fiancée and I  Never felt Rush in any decision making. The best thing I like about this place is  Patient comfort is always first! 

Dr. Dong always tells you what's needed to be done, the processes that you will go thru. Very informative. 

Definitely a hidden gem! 

You guys must come see Dr. Dong and Tracy for all your needs! I promise you, you won't be disappointed!"

05/10/2015 Tiger T Said:

"My first impression of the place is that it is the nicest dentist office that I have ever been to!! Seriously, everything is brand new, latest equipment, and I immidiately was at ease not nervous at all! Dr. Khai has really gentle hands, he correctly diagnosed my issues and fixed my teeth right away, no hard-sale whatsoever, he even gave me free material to take home....highly recommended"



03/30/2019 Stephanie L. said:

"This is long overdue! 

I've been coming to Genie dental for about 4ish years and every time I've gone for a cleaning, x-ray, Invisalign appointment, or just anything has been a positive experience. 

I have had a great experience with the doctor and with Tracy and I am going to be a faithful patient for as long as I can!

I have gone through Invisalign here and had a great outcome, if you want a dentist that is gentle, understanding and committed to your dental needs then look no further! 

Five stars is not enough :)"

08/21/2015 Tai T. said:

"Highly recommended to everyone. Is the best dental that I've eve been to. The service was great. The manager was great and very nice :) And of course the dentist was excellent and very professional. Don't bother to search elsewhere."


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04/30/2017 John H Said:

"The most trusted dentist and the equipments are new and clean cuz i dont want any dentist to use 100years equipments in my mount."

06/27/2016 Deana T. Said:

"The first time I came here was to do a teeth cleaning, and the whole experience was very enjoyable. I noticed that this dentist is very precise and doesn't rush when he cleans my teeth. He even told me things I have never noticed about my teeth, and was willing to take iPad photos to show me close up how my teeth were doing! 
The second time I came was to do a sealing on my back teeth (preventative measure to prevent further cavities from arising). Though I thought it would hurt while he performed the procedure, I barely felt any pain throughout the whole time he was doing the sealing! 
The dentist really makes sure that his work is high quality (because faulty dental work can be a bummer/hassle!) and would highly recommend you to come by!
Not to mention their office is pretty new, so you get that cool fresh vibe when you walk in!"

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06/18/2015 Cheryl B said:

"Highly recommend!  My other half needed some much-needed dental work.  He had not had the best luck with a previous dentist in San Jose. I saw Genie Dental's "just opened" sign, and liked the look of the office  Was able to convince husband, that, yes, we're going into this office! Starting at the front desk, and to the dentist coming out to talk to us, there was a professionalism and friendliness that we were impressed by. The dentist was the best one possible for my husband; no sales pitch, no over-selling, and being spot-on on best dental treatment.  We are in SJC about 6-7 months out of the year, and both of us are getting all the dental work possible with this really great dentist and his friendly staff!"